Colour nuances of the Penrhyn slate

You can find our Penrhyn slates on many monumental roofs throughout Europe and recognize them by their purplish colour.  

Why do we call it purplish you might ask? Well, the slate has quite some nuance in the colouring.
The colour may vary from a purple red to purple to heather blue. When you hold the different variants in colour next to each other close by in your hand, your eye can spot the differences very easily. But when you mix the nuance up and lay them on a roof, you cannot see what colour nuance is where. The mix ensures that the colour on the roof becomes a nice even whole.

We can never tell beforehand what type of purple will go to which customer. It all depends on what we extract from the quarry. The closer we get to the dyke, the more purple red the slate will become. But don’t be alarmed, the quality of every slate is of the same nature because it is checked before it is being boxed. That way it doesn’t matter what type of purple you get, as long as you make a good mix on the roof.